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Executive Board

Spring 2023 - Fall 2023

Our executive board consists of the outstanding student leaders who are elected to represent their brotherhood. From a variety of backgrounds and majors, they are core to our success.

Minor Board

The Minor Board consists of officers that support the auxillary functions of the fraternity. Often members of Minor Board are Newly Initiated Brothers.

Alumni and Parental Relations Chair - Henry Driesen ('23)

Athletics Chair - Scott Salvato ('26)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair - Yerik Tavarez ('24)

Formals Chair - Julian Cohen ('23)

Housing Chair - Alex White ('26)

Jewish Heritage Chair - Aaron Tabenken  ('25)

Logistics Chair - Harrison Cymbler ('26)

Marketing and Merchandise Chair - Max Willette ('26)

Philanthropy Chair - Matthew Newman ('25)

Standards and Scholarship Chair - Matthew Newman ('25)

Sweetheart Chair - Harrison Cymbler ('26)

Order of the Spoon

Order of the Spoon was created by the Founding Fathers as a way to recognize every Master of the Chapter. The name originates from the Founding Master having to use a spoon as a gavel for chapter meetings because he did not have one. Now the Master's Gavel has been engraved "The Spoon of Sigma Alpha" as a tribute to the original spoon.


Masters of Sigma Alpha:

Jason Rubin (Founding Master)

Alex Nizhnikov (2001)

Adam Waddell (2002)

Mike Weinstein (2003)

Sam Renaut (2004)

Max Saperstone (2005)

Michael Schwartz (2006)

Vic Kasoff (2007)

Corey Whisler (2008)

Jeff Katz (2009)

Ben Han (2010)

Andy Griesinger (2011)

David Umansky (2012)

Aaron Massuda (2013)

Connor Maldonato (2014)

Terrence Solomon (2015)

Ross Broudy (2016)

Jesse Isserow (2017)

Seth Finkel (2018)

Jordan Birnholz (2019)

Tyler Malin (2020, 2021)

Alexander Golden (2022)

Tal Kalderon (2023)

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